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The website has become a company’s online storefront. Meaning if somebody was to walk by your store or into your office that you would want the best reflection possible, right? With web there is no face to face conversation, so it is vital that your website communicates everything you would want to say about your company, both visually and verbally.

Our philosophy is based around four key areas of focus that are intertwined to deliver clients the optimal campaign.

Campaign Design Theme: The average user spends X seconds on a website. This means your campaign better be engaging and relevant to keep the users attention to find out more.

Navigation: Make it clear where the user can find the information they are looking for. The beauty of the web is our new ability to organize and compartmentalize content for users to follow. You can have the most artistically designed website but nobody will stay if they can’t get what they came for.

Content: With the world constantly changing how we send and receive communications so to are websites. Like it or not, people are reading less and less while looking at more and more. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words….This rings true now more than ever so we need to reformulate our content strategies to attract and engage to the maximum possible impressions.

SEO: Our sites are built using Google webmaster guidelines for accurate search engine optimization as well as detailed tracking and analytics reports available 24-7. DB Marketing builds specific keyword search terms into site that will help to bring up targeted ranking within each search set. SEO is about defining a targeted keyword set and then re-enforcing these search terms everywhere possible in your text, pages, and website settings.
Image Tagging + Meta Tags + Copy Updates + Indexing + Site Maps + Copyright Links + Search Engines - Submit website with keyword search terms to Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines.


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